In December of 2017, Empower Simcoe received validation of the great work and ongoing commitment to providing quality services and supports. Consultants from the Council on Quality and Leadership reviewed our Shared Values and Basic Assurances determining that we are 100% in all areas. The consultants spent time listening, meeting and observing the agency and felt confident that Empower Simcoe supports people with the Personal Outcome Measures approach and philosophy.  Empower Simcoe received a 4-year Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership.

The opportunity to spend time with community partners, families, people supported and Empower Simcoe employees really captured the inclusivity of the Accreditation process.  This helps us to reflect on how important it is to stop, look at where you are and listen to the “individual” and find out what is truly important to them. The stakeholder focus groups assisted Empower Simcoe to develop action plans resulting from trends identified by the participants. Items that were identified were:


  • For services to be available, self-determined and responsive to evolving needs; the agency is currently looking to identify gaps in our current services, which will assist the agency to continue responding to people’s goals and desires as they evolve.
  • Increase options and quality of opportunities for people to participate in meaningful and inclusive community connections and to assist them to reach full citizenship as defined by the person.
  • To obtain a stable full complement of qualified staff, which will provide continuity and personal security of people and families receiving services and staff.


Empower Simcoe is honoured to have received its third four year term Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership. Empower Simcoe will continue to strive to improve our services, to meet public need, improve the quality of life we provide for each and every person while continuing to foster collaboration within our community.

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